Free time activities

As a student, naturally, it’s important to study. Assignments must be handed in, presentations must be prepared and there’s always cramming to do.
… but surely, there’s more to being a student than that?

Punch «Best student city in Norway» into Google, and we can guarantee, the University of Nordland won’t be the first item on the list. Trondheim has been named Norway’s best city for students time and time again. One of many contributing reasons is the incredible diversity of people you’ll meet as a student in Trondheim. The city works as a midway point between norwegian cites in both the north and south. Of the ~170 000 people residing in Trondheim, around 32 000 are students. Wherever you turn, there’s a student nearby.

Naturally, not all students spend their days from 9 to 5 with their nose down a book. So what do they spend their free time doing?

Studentersamfundet (Trondheim Student’s Society)

As a student in Trondheim, you can’t escape Studentersamfundet («samfundet» for short). The characteristic red, round building has stood as a city landmark since 1929 and has been run by the city’s students ever since. With 1200 voluntary workers and 10 000 members, it’s easy to understand how there’s always something happening at Samfundet.

Samfundet works as a natural gathering place for students. You can apply for jobs in bartending, catering, booking, economy and leadership. There are so-called «gangs» for each and every sector, each with their own field of responsibility. This is a great way to get to know students across different study programs and academies, as well as gaining valuable experience and material for you resumé, all while having fun. You won’t earn money there and then, but in the long run, it’s definitely worth it.

Are you interested in working at Samfundet? Visit Samfundet recruits new workers at the beginning of each semester.

Read more about Samfundet at

Student politics

If you want to help making Trondheim a better place to be a student, there are plenty of possibilites.

Studenttinget (The Student Assembly) is the primary organ for student democracy at NTNU, where elected students help govern everything about how the university is run, from yearly budgets to study points. As long as you are a student at NTNU, you can run for a seat in Studenttinget  by lanching a «campaign», simply presenting yourself and how you, spesifically, wish to contribute to the Assembly and make NTNU a better place to study.

Velferdstinget (The Welfare Assembly) decides how the students’ semester fee should be used to better the student’s circumstances, in cooperation with Studentsamskipnaden i Trondheim (SiT). At the beginning of each semester, every student pays a small fee. The Welfare Assembly plans how you will get your money’s worth back through student welfare and aid from SiT. If you want to have a say in what SiT should offer students in terms of domicile, free-time activities and various other things, the Welfare Assembly is the place for you.

Studentrådene (The Student’s Councils) work as a connection between students and the academic institutions of the univseristy. If you are displeased with a professor’s lectures, or how your program is structured, the councils function as a connection between you and the relevant faculties/institutes.


NTNUI is Norway’s largest sports club, with more than 12 000 members. One pays either a semester fee or yearly fee and gains access to a large variety of activites within the club. These include soccer, handball, land hockey, riding, ruby, american football, swimming, orientation and basket ball – to name a few. Did you know that the first ever quidditch team in Norway was founded through NTNUI?

To learn more, visit


Chances are you’ve heard of this one. UKA is a culture festival which every other year lasts for the entirety of october. UKA is Norway’s biggest festival and is arranged exclusively by students through voluntary work. A myriad of concerts, stand-up shows, revues and more make up this unique happening, and you can contribute! Those lucky enough to enroll at NTNU one of the fall semesters in which UKA is arranged can expect a semester filled with fun and excitement!

The Dragvoll Career Day

Karrieredagen (The career day) at Dragvoll is a traditional, albeit relatively new event, run by students at Dragvoll. Relevant businesses and corporations are invited to Dragvoll to represent themselves as booths in «Gata» (the «central street» of Dragvoll). They present themselves and help students figure out what they want to do with their education. Workshops and guest lectures are also arranged throughout the day as part of the event. Aditionally, the Dragvoll Career Day also boasts a free breakfast and goodie bags!


New organizations and happenings are continously created in Trondheim. Through Eureka, you’ll meet  a multitude of new people who are active in a wide variety of organizations, events and associations. Suddenly, you might find yourself joining something you never even knew existed! Small beginnings within student voluntary organization work can easily become the foundation for bigger things, and together with an edutaction, can help you climb the ladder to your career goals.

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