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About Eureka Career
Eureka Career is an arena for students to take responsibility for their own future. Through guest lectures, presentations by businesses and coorporations, and cooperation ith various organizations, Eureka Career aims to help students aquire knowledge, build a network and realize the possibilities European studies provide.

We welcome students who wish to take ahold of their own future and work with our projects. Contact us if you are interested.

What can we offer?
Our projects mainly cater to students at the European Studies bachelor- and/or master programs at NTNU, but as one of few students’ associations at Dragvoll who actively seek to offer such events to students, we often have the golden opportunity of appealing to the entirety of the Dragvoll student community.

We work continuously to coordinate guest lectures and business presentations, and can offer our associates a package wherein we take care of all the practical work surrounding an event – booking rooms, printing posters and anything else that might be neccessary to properly prepare an event. If this sounds interesting, please contact us for a closer discussion.

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