«Fadderuka» (Freshman week)

So, you’re studying European studies? In all likelyhood, everything seems new and intimidating. Not to worry, we’re here to help you.

Eureka’s «fadderuke» is the best and most effective way to get to know your fellow students. From day one, we’re there for you, so that you can get the help and guidance you need during your first weeks at NTNU.

1. Fadderuka

As a new student av NTNU, you’ll be invited to participate in «fadderuka», which loosely translates to «sponsor’s week», with the «sponsors»  (or «fadder» in Norwegian) being second- and third-year students who’ll be your guides and mentors the first few weeks.
Fadderuka is a two weeks long socialization process starting on immatriculation day. Older students who are studying the same as you make a plan in advance on what you’ll be doing these weeks. Fadderuka is in no way obligatory, but you’re highly recommended to participate.

As a participant of fadderuka, you will;

• Join daily events coordinated by Eureka Linjeforening
• Meet fellow students who’re stuyding the same language as you
• Meet fellow students across the spectre of language studies
• See Trondheim from a student’s perspective
• Get an overview of the wide variety of free time activites Trondheim’s student community  has to offer
• Get an overview over the possible organizations and associations join can join

To join fadderuka you need only do one thing; meet us in the sport centre at Dragvoll on immatriculation day. You’ll find us underneath the poster saying «Europastudier». We’ll register you as a participant and assign you a fadder group. Each group is assigned its own fadders. You’ll share a group with people studying various languages, but all are studying European studies.

The rest of immatriculation day will be spent getting to know each other, as well as taking a brief tour of the Dragvoll campus, and we’ll be relaying some practical information.
On the immatriculation day, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet various student organizations, many of which hand out free food and merchandise, and you might want to ask questions regarding the introductional guidance lecture, which’ll be held during your first week.

2. Alcohol

A lot of people associate fadderuka with an abundance of partying and drinking. Fore some, this is a way of getting to know people easier, while it might act as an obstacle for other. According to a survey performed by Veldferdstinget (Students’ Welfare Assembly), 7 out of 10 students thinks there’s too much drinking in the student community. Naturally, Eureka has taken a stand on this subject, and so §7.1 of the association’s statutes states:
«50% of events during fadderuka should be alcohol-free»

Thus, we make sure that our fadderuke has something for everyone.

3. Immatriculation day

Immatriculation is what most would simply call «the first day of school». In the letter/e-mail you have recieved from NTNU after accepting your spot on the program, the time and place for the immatriculation ceremony should be stated. If it is not, the time and place can be found on NTNU’s website. Traditionally, the ceremony itself is held on the Gløshaugen campus (on the grass lawn behind the old building that looks slightly like Hogwarts). There’ll be speeches, music and usually a show by talented students. There’s also opportunity to gather free food and merchandise from various stands and booths.

After the ceremony, buses depart continuously from Gløshaugen to Dragvoll. Once you arrive, it’ll be quite apparent where you’re going. Just follow the flocks of students heading down to the sports centre.

Once you’re registered at Eureka’s table, you’ll recieve a free goodie bag and be assigned a fadder group. After that you don’t need to worry about anything except figuring out how to get to the agreed-upon place to meet your fadder group later in the afternoon.

4. Contact

There’s a lot of people in Eureka working hard to make sure fadderuka is as good as it can be. During fadderuka you’ll recieve daily updatesfrom your fadders on what’s happening, both by text and facebook. You’ll also recieve a detailed schedule of what’s happening throughout the two weeks. Should you still encounter problems, don’t worry. We’re always available!

Eureka’s Fadder Chief: Greger Dalheim – Phone: 406 12 870
Eureka’s Leader: Maren Aleksandersen – Phone: 992 55 808

You’ll also be assigned several fadders you can contact if need help.
Good luck, and have fun!

We’re here to help you get a good start on your life as a student, so don’t hesitate to call or text us if something happens. You’ll also be assigned several fadders you can contact if you need help.

Good luck, and have fun!

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